9th International Symposium for Optical Interconnect in Data Centres (3rd Oct., Hall 1, ECOC 2023)

Date: Tue, 3rd October 2013                                                        Location: HALL 1, SEC Glasgow, Scotland

08:00                   Registration

08:30                   Welcome by Carol Monaghan MP (UK Parliament)

Session 1: OPTICAL MIGRATION IN HYPERSCALE                                             Session Chair: Richard Pitwon

08:40     Craig Thompson (NVIDIA) The impact of AI/ML on the optical transceiver market

09:00     Antonio Tartaglia (Ericsson) Co-packaged optics for radio access networks: opportunities and challenges

09:20     Keren Bergman (Columbia University) Petascale photonic connectivity for energy efficient scaling of AI computing

09:35     Xin Chen (Huawei) The high baudrate InP integrated platform for optical interconnect application

09:50     Roshene McCool (Corning) Emerging fiber and cable requirements in data center application

10:05 – 10:30 Coffee Break

Session 2: PIC N MIX                                                                                               Session chair: Lidia Galdino

10:30     Nick Psaila (Intel) Detachable Optical Chiplet Connectors for High-bandwidth Optical Compute Interconnects

10:50     Helene Debregeas (Almae Technologies) High-speed 100 to 200 Gb/s transmitters for datacom

11:10     Anna O’Dowd (Vector Photonics) Photonic Crystal Surface Emitting Lasers (PCSELs): Innovation through simulation

11:25     Adam Carter (OpenLight) The benefits of heterogeneous integration of III-V actives for next generation optical interconnects

11:40     Kazuhiko Kurata (AIO Core) Reliable silicon photonics optical transceiver “IOCore” in high temperature operation and immersion cooling systems

11:55     Marylise Marchenay (Scintil Photonics) Advanced photonic fully integrated circuits relying on the heterogeneous integration of lasers on the back side of standard silicon photonics: benefits for Direct and Coherent detection communications

12:10 – 13:30 Lunch Break

Session 3: QUANTUM AGE OF DATA CENTRES                                                 Session Chair: Anke Lohmann

13:30     Catherine White (BT) Quantum secured data centre interconnect – feasibility and roadmap

13:50     Segolene Olivier (CEA Leti) QPICs

14:10     Michael Geiselmann (Ligentec) Low loss PICs for quantum: every photon counts

14:25     Ryan Vallance (Senko) Metallic Fiber-Optic Connectors for Quantum PICs

14:40     Claudia Hössbacher (Polariton) New Tricks with Light: Advancements in Plasmonics and Silicon Photonics

14:55     Charlotte Ovenden (Aegiq) Quantum light for next generation optical communication

15:10     15:30     Coffee Break

Session 4: LIGHT IN THE BOX                                                                                Session Chair: Richard Pitwon

15.30     Ana Gonzalez (IPRONICS) Enabling ultra-low energy and secure optical networks

15:45     Robert Palmer (Huawei) Project ADOPTION – Advance co-packaged optics enabling high-efficiency cloud computing

16:00     Katherine Bryant (VTT) Silicon photonics-based fast tunable laser development in the Horizon Europe DYNAMOS project

16:15     Pawel Wiatr (Infinera) XR Technology in datacentres

16:30     Cyriel Minkenberg (Lumiphase) BTO enabling high-speed IMDD and coherent optical communications

16:45     Christian Reimer (Hyperlight) Integrated Photonics in Thin-Film Lithium Niobate

17:00     Takaaki Ishigure (Keio University) Polymer optical waveguides for high-density 3-D optical packaging

17:15     Lewis Johnson (NLM Photonics) Transatlantic partnerships for hybrid electro-optic modulation

17:30     End of Symposium


Organising Committee: Tolga Tekin (Fraunhofer IZM, Germany), Richard Pitwon (Resolute Photonics, United Kingdom), Alison McLeod (Technology Scotland, United Kingdom) Nikos Pleros (AUTH, Greece), Dimitris Apostolopoulos (ICCS / NTUA, Greece), Paraskevas Bakopoulos (NVIDIA, Greece)

Supporters: ADOPTION EU Project, DYNAMOS EU Project, ALLEGRO EU
ALMAE TECHNOLOGIES, VTT, Ligentec, Institute of Physics, Resolute Photonics, Fraunhofer IZM