Objective 1:

Architecture and design of an AI/ML empowered ultra-high capacity and energy efficient all-optical solution spanning from access to core with native ultra-high security and reliability.

Objective 2:

Intelligent, DWDM sliceable multiband photonic transceivers containing a fibre interrogator based on optoelectronic plasmonic PICs and smart programmable silicon-photonic PICs.

Objective 3:

Loss-less photonic switch matrix for multiband operation based on hybrid Silicon Photonics and on-chip InP amplifiers integrated circuits.

Objective 4:

Design and develop of an advanced secure data plane network for the “quantum era”.

Objective 5:

Design and development of a secure and reliable control, monitoring and orchestration system for low energy and low latency multi-band optical networks and services with AI/ML assisted network operation.

Objective 6:

Realization of E2E demonstrators.

Objective 7:

Reinforce EU leadership and influence industry to adopt ALLEGRO principles through standardization, communication and dissemination activities.